solid fuel characterisation

The IFRF Solid Fuel Database has been available to IFRF Members as an online resource since 2010 for use in the design and operation of industrial solid fuel fired combustors and gasifiers. Originally populated with devolatilisation, char combustion and nitrogen release data from the IPFR (Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor), the key facility for solid fuel characterisation, the database is being steadily extended with information generated at the same source.

The IPFR was rebuilt and re-commissioned in 2010, and upgraded to simulate oxy/solid fuel conditions. The facility is now also fully operational for investigating the formation and fate of aerosols when firing coal and biomass blends in the presence of sulphur oxides, having been equipped with a special chimney to reproduce temperature-time histories in fouling region and with an Electrical Low Pressure Impact Dekati for aerosol quantitative assessment.  The report IFRF Doc. No. F39/y/01 Inorganic aerosol formation tests in the Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor describes this process.

Further development of the Solid Fuel Database will result from activities associated with the RELCOM and BRISK projects, particularly as regards information on coal and biomass combustion characteristics with different atmospheres (e.g. O2/N2, O2/CO2).  Since January 2012, more than 100 new records have been added,  concerning devolatilisation and char combustion tests performed on various coals and biomasses.  Together the updates constitute a complete dataset on the characterization of three coals in an oxy-fuel environment.

Users may also compare conventional and oxy-fuel devolatilization and char combustion. The results of some additional tests enable the quantification of the role of char gasification with carbon dioxide and water in an oxy-fuel atmosphere. Also, devolatilization and char combustion of various biomasses including straw, black pellet, wood pellet, palm kernel shell and lignin can be compared and analyzed to determine reliable kinetic parameters.

Reports of specific interest in this regard:

Part 3, which will be published during 2014, will be dedicated to the determination of kinetic parameters able to describe devolatilization and char combustion under both conventional and oxy-fuel combustion, according to different models.

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