validation of combustion modelling for practical combustion systems

The development of criteria for validating industrial combustion CFD models and codes is a key focus area in the experimental work on Livorno pilot scale furnaces.  Test runs are executed not only to create new data sets on new fuels and technologies, but also to fill gaps in data for numerical model validation and to quantify experimental uncertainties.

Knowledge gained in this area has been disseminated via a series of CFD Workshops, most recently at Abo Akademi in Turku, Finland.  Previous workshops were at Doosan Power Systems, Renfrew, in 2010 and at Technische Universität München in 2008.

The topic was further discussed in the context of the DEBCO project at ToTEM 37 in Wroclaw.  In addition, related papers were presented at the 17th International IFRF Member Conference which took place in Maffliers, Paris, in June 2012.

Direct links to some of the key presentations from these events are provided below.  An IFRF user name and password will be required to effect download.

See Relevant Links for a list of related reports in the IFRF Archive.

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