thermochemical conversion of 2nd generation biofuels

For the EC co-funded BRISK project which also began late in 2011 and is concerned with the development of a European research infrastructure for thermochemical biomass conversion, a 200kW downdraft fixed bed gasifier and a tar cracking reactor unit were added to the list of experimental facilities available to IFRF.

In terms of the Transnational Access Initiative which is a feature of BRISK, these facilities, which are the property of the University of Pisa Research Center for Bio-Energy (CRIBE), may be used by European researchers from organisations, including those outside the project partnership.

The paper “Pilot scale biomass gasification at CRIBE: survey of the experimental activities“, by M. Simone F. Barontini, C. Nicolella, E. Biagini, L. Tognotti, presented at the 17th International IFRF Member Conference in Paris in June 2012, describes these two facilities and provides a novel set of pilot scale experimental data.

BRISK - “Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge” is a new four year initiative from the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme (FP7). Coordinated by IFRF Member KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, BRISK involves 25 European organizations in three principle activities: Joint Research, Networking and Transnational Access. In terms of the latter, some 47 laboratory facilities are offered. 

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