Editorial Board


The Editorial Board is responsible for overseeing the technical merit and industrial relevance of the Journal, and also encouraging the publication of papers relevant to current and emerging combustion topics.

Professor John Oakey, University of Cranfield, UK

Editorial Board:
Philip Sharman, Director of IFRF, UK
Sébastien Caillat, 
Fives Group and Vice-President of IFRF, France
Patrick Lavery, IFRF, Australia
Jörg Leicher,
GWI-Essen, Germany
Professor Colin Snape, 
University of Nottingham, UK
Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, University of Sheffield, UK
Professor Lin Ma, University of Sheffield, UK
Mathieu Lucquiaud, University of Edinburgh, UK
Bill Nimmo, University of Sheffield, UK
Fredrik Normann, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Kumar Patchigolla, University of Cranfield, UK
Professor Terry Wall, University of Newcastle, Australia
Professor Alan Williams, University of Leeds, UK

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