Aims and scope

The Journal’s objective is to further the application of scientific principles in stationary combustion technologies for large scale industrial heating processes leading to clean and efficient fuel conversion. Our emphasis is on industrial sectors such as:

  • Power generation,
  • Petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical manufacturing
  • Iron and steel and non-ferrous metal production,
  • Cement and mineral processing
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Industrial combustion equipment
  • Fuels and industrial gas production and utilisation

Technical subjects emphasised include:

  • Atmospheric pollution and its control
  • Efficient combustion in industrial furnaces
  • Flames and burners
  • Modelling and scaling in combustion process
  • Furnace heat transfer
  • Fuel character and combustion properties for gas, liquid and solid fuels
  • Combustion measurement techniques
  • New combustion technologies
  • Combustion of wastes

We pay particular attention to technologies related to reducing green house gas emissions. Areas of particular interest:

  • Oxygen enriched combustion
  • Slagging, fouling and ash effects
  • Process control systems and instrumentation
  • Fuel conversion (including gasification)
  • Simulation of processes and control
  • Technical/economic evaluation of projects and processes
  • Fluidised bed combustion
  • Grate fired combustion

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