IFRF is the research and networking hub for the global combustion and energy community.  Since 1948 we have served an established and growing worldwide network of combustion or energy oriented industrial and academic organisations including:

  • End-users, designers and suppliers of fired heating equipment
  • Process and system engineers and consultants
  • Energy suppliers
  • R&D / technology developers
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Trade associations
  • Energy policy makers

IFRF is based at the University of Sheffield, UK which grants us access to the PACT Network

Our membership structure includes both organisation and individual. Wherever you are in the world, you can access IFRF either through the Associate Member Group via our head office in Sheffield or as an affiliate of one of our seven National Commitees.

Membership Benefits

All IFRF Members have access to:

IFRF Members also enjoy preferential rates at all our events.


Companies, institutes and other groups may apply for organisational membership of IFRF.  This membership entitles the organisation to specific group benefits plus employees of the organisation also enjoy additional benefits not available via the Individual Membership option. 

In addition to the benefits included in the Member Benefits listed above, employees of IFRF Member Organisations have:

Benefits for Member Organisations include

For a detailed overview of the IFRF Membership Structure, download the Membership Brochure.  If you would like to join us as a member please contact us at or complete a Membership Request form here

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