The European Facilities database lists and describes the combustion and biofuels test rigs of some 50 European industrial and research organisations. 

brisk_logo_rgb_small.jpgCreation of this resource began in 2007 with a core group of 33 combustion laboratories wishing to work together and to share combustion test rig facilities and expertise for mutual benefit (the EFRI group).  Through IFRF's involvement in the EU funded BRISK project, the database has grown to include a networked infrastructure of test facilities for investigating all the stages for converting raw biomass to useable biofuels.  For Europe based users of these latter facilities, financial support is available through the European Commission's FP7 'Capacities' programme. 

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Through a programme of Transnational Access, the test rigs of project partners in BRISK may be utilised by entities based in Europe and meeting the EC Capacities programme eligibility criteria.  For the duration of BRISK, funds will be available to cover for the costs of running a selected rig.  A contribution will also be made to the cost of travel and subsistence for visiting researchers.  Potential BRISK Users do not have to be partners in the BRISK Project, and may apply to go to any of the project partners located outside of their home country to utilise their biofuels test facilities.  More information is available at the BRISK website.

The European Facilities database resource is available to the public and represents IFRF’s commitment to promoting co-operation and connection within the combustion and energy community.

To request the inclusion of a test rig in the database, please contact us.

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