Enel Livorno Facility

Through formal agreements with the University of Sheffield, we have access to the PACT research facilities in Sheffield and at other UK sites where we undertake experimental work on semi-industrial and pilot-scale furnaces and reactors.

Our research is designed to enhance our own data bank and develop the methodologies and protocols which are at the disposal of IFRF Members.  We also contract research for private organisations which require information about fuel and equipment characterisation and in-flame measurement.

To contract a research project using any of our facilities, please complete this form or email us at administration@ifrf.net

Favourable rates are offered to IFRF Members.

IFRF is also the developer and custodian of the European Facilities database which lists and describes the combustion and biofuels test rigs of some 50 European industrial and research organisations who wish to share facilities for mutual benefit.  Please visit the site for full information.


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