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The IFRF's triannual international conferences present an ideal platform for the collection, exchange and dissemination of industrial combustion know-how and are recognised for offering a unique combination of scientific and practical information.

This website has been created to enhance the availability and citability of the papers presented at IFRF international conferences and constitutes a resource for researchers, technologists, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and all involved in the industrial combustion sector.

The papers from the three most recent conferences are immediately available for purchase in separate collections:

  • 18th International IFRF Member Conference - Flexible and Clean Fuel Conversion in Industry
    Freising, Germany, 1-3 June 2015
    ISBN 978-88-908091-3-2
  • 17th International IFRF Member Conference - Clean and Efficient Fuel Conversion in Industry
    Maffliers, France, 11-13 June 2012
    ISBN 978-88-908091-0-1
  • 16th International IFRF Member Conference - Combustion and Sustainability: New Technologies, New Fuels, New Challenges
    Boston, USA, 8-10 June 2009
    ISBN 978-88-908091-1-8
  • 15th International IFRF Member Conference - Combustion in an efficient and environmentally acceptable manner
    Pisa, Italy, 13-15 June 2007
    ISBN 978-88-908091-2-5

Each collection contains PDF versions of the full papers submitted, the relevant abstract where the paper is not available, and the conference programme.

Work is underway to prepare the material from the other 14 conferences.

To see the list of papers associated with a specific conference, please make your selection from the list of Relevant Files to the right.

To order a collection of papers please complete this form.

Order price per conference:

IFRF Members: Euro 250

Non members: Euro: 500


IFRF also has a comprehensive library of presentations from past IFRF International Conferences and other technical events.  This material is available for direct download by IFRF Members.

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